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About Amical Marketing

Amical helps businesses grow by creating, managing, and optimizing customized Google Ads campaigns. This leads to heightened online visibility, increased traffic, more leads, more sales, and higher revenue.

At Amical, we prove that it can be done differently. We don't rely on standardized packages, lengthy contracts, or pricing tied to your ad budget or campaign numbers. Everything we do is customized and flexible. Need to take a break for a month? You can. Additionally, we consciously choose niche expertise. We don't dabble in everything; we specialize in Google Ads. For businesses seeking results, Amical is the go-to choice for niche specialization in Google Advertising.

We don't have a physical office. We operate globally and can assist you from anywhere. We operate internationally and can provide assistance from anywhere. Yet, for the curious: Amber is from Belgium, specifically Flanders, while Mike has his roots in the Netherlands.

Amical, that's us - a dynamic duo of Amber's passion and Mike's straightforwardness. With years of experience in digital marketing, particularly Google Ads, we are eager to take charge of your Google Ads so you can focus on your business success.

Amber and Mike do. You have your dedicated marketing strategist, a familiar and recognizable face. You won't be working with an anonymous team. We believe in human connections. If you have any questions or wish to communicate anything, don't hesitate to reach out via WhatsApp or email, and we'll provide swift responses, 24/7.

Our services

✔ When you have limited time.

✔ When you aim for optimal results.

✔ When you have limited knowledge of online advertising.

✔ When you prefer leaving online advertising to experts.

✔ When you're unsure about devising and executing your advertising strategy.

Of course, there are other advertising methods to explore. However, we strongly recommend choosing Google Ads for several reasons:

✔ Broad Reach: Google stands as the world's most widely used search engine.
✔ Precision Targeting: You can target specific audiences based on keywords, location, demographics, interests, and behavior. This allows you to directly address the search intent of potential customers.
✔ Budget Control: You have complete control over your advertising budgets, with daily, weekly, or monthly spending limits. Moreover, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad (Cost-Per-Click, CPC), making advertising cost-effective.
✔ Measurable Outcomes: You can track the number of clicks your ads receive, the conversions they generate, and your return on investment (ROI).
✔ Diverse Ad Formats: A wide array of ad types are at your disposal.
✔ Remarketing Opportunities.

De prijs voor onze service? Die bepaal je grotendeels zelf en verschilt per bedrijf. We begrijpen dat elk bedrijf uniek is, en daarom kiezen wij voor maatwerk in plaats van vaste pakketten of kosten afhankelijk van het aantal campagnes. De kosten voor onze diensten zijn afhankelijk van jouw specifieke behoeften en de grootte van de campagnes die jij wilt voeren. Jouw potentiële bestedingsruimte nemen we hierbij altijd in overweging. Voor een op maat gemaakte offerte die aansluit bij jouw wensen en budget, nodigen we je uit om contact met ons op te nemen. Op onze website vind je gedetailleerde informatie over hoe de totale kosten tot stand komen. Heb je nog vragen? We staan altijd klaar om dit persoonlijk met je te bespreken.

Amical specializes in Google Ads advertising, offering a range of services, including end-to-end campaign setup, conversion optimization, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, campaign management and optimization, and results analysis.

Google advertising offers various options across different platforms:

  • Google Search Ads, commonly known as Search Engine Advertising (SEA)
  • Display ads
  • Google Shopping ads and Merchant Center
  • Google App ads
  • Google local ads
  • Google video ads
  • Remarketing campaigns

Our approach is entirely customized, and we're open to any combination. During a non-committal meeting Ifree) we'll explore the possibilities that align with your preferences, objectives, and budget. We're also planning to introduce more online marketing services in the future.

It's an ongoing process to ensure that your ads deliver the desired results.

  • Changes in Customer Search Behavior: New keywords, changing trends, and seasonal variations affect search queries.
  • Competition: It's important to continuously adjust your ads and bids to remain competitive.
  • Quality Score: Google uses a quality score for ads, influenced by factors like ad relevance, landing page quality, and click-through rate. By optimizing your campaigns, you can improve your quality score, resulting in lower cost-per-click and better ad positions.
  • Budget Efficiency: Continuous optimization allows you to use your ad budget more efficiently. You can save money by focusing on high-performing keywords and ads and excluding unprofitable search terms.
  • Seasonal Influences: Adjusting your advertising strategy is necessary to accommodate seasonal changes.
  • Testing and Learning: Through continuous optimization, you can conduct A/B tests to discover which ad variants perform best. These insights can be used to constantly improve your campaigns and learn what works and what doesn't.

We access your Google Ads account daily and make adjustments swiftly.

The process

This can vary, but generally, you'll notice an improvement in your website traffic immediately. With a strong SEA campaign, you'll reap the benefits sooner compared to search engine optimization (SEO), which often requires more time to see results.

Once we've reached an agreement on the strategy and proposal, we start with your campaigns within 48 hours.

No, we don't require a long-term contract. Our services are flexible, and you can terminate our service agreement at any time.

In addition to having growth ambitions, you need a website or webshop. Because we promote your website through targeted ads. If you don't have a website or if it needs improvement, don't worry. Our partners are here to assist you.

More Information About Google Ads?

Interested in learning more about our Google Ads services? Visit our Google Ads page for more information on what we can offer your business.

However, every business is unique, and so is our approach. If you have specific questions, feel free to contact us. We look forward to your message and the opportunity to help you grow.

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